in a cool mood lately because life has just been treating me so well.

i got a great new job with a software development company and the lab that max works for is sending him to a VR conference in silicon valley where hopefully he can network and land a job. the company i work for has offices all along the west coast and if everything goes accordingly, he’s been talking about moving to SF together in a year together. my future is looking hella bright.

This most makes me so happy

"   I’m never gonna be able to look at Mrs. Doubtfire in the same way.   "
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→ Why Men Are Bad At Friendship (And What To Do About It)

This is sadly true sometimes.

→ Making pesto, mozzarella, and chicken pizza!!
→ Brave jogger dubbed a hero after fighting off sex beast who was attempting to rape girl in Glasgow park - Mirror Online

Wow. It’s always nice to read good news!


Dear hip white people ,

Gluten is not harmful to your health. So next time you ride in on your high horse waving your gluten free shit in my face please remember that you are adhering to a fad that some people with actual dietary diseases suffer from and I don’t think you’re cool.